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  • Caravaggio up for sale!!!

    Have to be realistic now home and under responsibilities… Have a look-see and please pass on to whomsoever may be interested thanks. Am going to be doing a reflective post about the last few months soon too, so keep watching

  • Highs and Lows of the Etruscan Coast

    After leaving Pisa behind, I went and spent a relaxing week by the seaside in Viareggio. The camper stop was free as it was on the side of a pine-lined road in between the trees. Easy to get in to, but the ridge between road and off-road nearly gave me an anxiety attack! The road […]

  • Revelations

    As I have mentioned, there was a reason that I have been slightly incommunicado for the last couple of weeks. I have been doing a lot of reading and then expanded this to actually reading the Bible -King James Version. A few reasons really, some listed below: 1) I have never read it all, only […]

  • Vinci to Pisa

    Out of Florence came the idea to do Vinci, where Leonardo da Vinci was from, bolstered by the fact that according to the Stellplatz book and the camper app, it was a free site with services! After bidding farewell to Florence, finding a camper accessory shop on the way out for toilet chemical, I headed […]

  • Radicofani to Firenze

    After having a lovely stay in the village over looked by the castle that had been built on top of a volcano, I wanted to head more towards Firenze (Florence). After getting in to Tuscany, I have found myself slowing down quite a bit, as the need to ‘be somewhere’ is evaporating, unlike the gas […]

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