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Journal of my planning, preparation and adventures round Italy in a campervan 2013


The idea that one has in one’s head from history and Dr Who of Pompeii is that of a city wiped out by a volcanic eruption in minutes, no one prepared or having evacuated the city and it being lost for centuries under a pile of ash, not really of a fenced off bit of land in the middle of a huge tourist town. Continue reading

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Salerno to the Amalfi Coast with Caffeine Withdrawal

10:00am hammering on the bonnet. Not a little, a lot. Both sides. OK, get dressed and poke my head out. Cars parked either side, a woman with a cool box stood in the middle of the car park, two men dressed in authoritive car park security uniforms, door to kiosk open. Tall man, 50s, straight in my face when I get out of the van, throwing arms around and pointing at the campers. Continue reading

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Tiriolo and Tiramisu

After the anxiety of Lamezia Terme, I went back to Catanzaro Lido to steel my nerves. I had a day to kill before meeting up with Karen and Franz in Tiriolo so I spent it on the beach. Thankfully here was a car park next to a café with WiFi, so after spending 5 Euros on coffee I had internet for 24 hours. Continue reading

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Cross country chase for gas

Catanzaro is like a town in a sci-fi film. It is built on a number of hills, with massive road bridges interconnecting the different sections on different levels. Like cars flying everywhere! Continue reading

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Whatever Happens, It Cannot Be As Bad As…

I went to bed laughing last night. Unfair as how I was rudely awoken this morning at 9:30am by a man on the make. After my so-so day yesterday and nearly being squashed by a 2.4m road width (okay I … Continue reading

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