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  • New Year Blues

    Hmmm, struggling to find stuff to write about. Just finished one course and half way through another one which seems to be taking up most of my spare time at the mo, that and procrastinating. One thing that did annoy me today was seeing Mr John Barrowman cashing in on his gayness again, as per […]

  • Getting Tattooed for a Good Cause

    Just a quickie to say that a few of us are going to get a red ribbon tattoo for World AIDS Day 2010 to raise awareness of HIV and the work of Terrence Higgins Trust in the Peterborough area. All monies raised will go directly to supporting people infected or affected by HIV. Please click […]


    OK what can I say to this apart from I absolutely loved it!!! Apart from really liking the original and the original video the message behind this is awesome! On the same lines as the parody of Lily Allen’s Fk You, but can’t remember that link. So enjoy this, turn the sound up and flame […]

  • LGBT History Month 2011

    I have agreed to do the calendar for LGBT History Month 2011. I love doing it, the only thing I don’t like doing is fighting with the computer to load Apache server, PHP and MySQL on before hand! They have to go on in a specific order to work correctly and I can never remember […]

  • Just returned from the LGBT Health Summit 2010

    Have just returned from a two day conference on LGBT health in the NHS. To me it was kind of dominated by trans issues, which was good on the most part but kind of preaching to the converted as I would say the majority of the people in the audience were LGBT. I think there […]