Category: Computing

  • Migrating Windows 7 to a SSD

    Thought I would write about my experience of migrating my Windows 7 x64 installation on to a SSD just in case anyone else wants to do the same thing. Anyways, I did a bit of research, and though you can Migrate from a drive image, you can also use some third party software. Reading about…

  • Merry Christmas – Seasons Greetings and all that!

      Sorry for any small children that may have died after viewing, or the ensuing nightmares. Kind of reminds me of “Whatever Happened to Baby Jane”. Obviously Big Hugh is the Bette Davis character.

  • LGBT History Month 2011

    I have agreed to do the calendar for LGBT History Month 2011. I love doing it, the only thing I don’t like doing is fighting with the computer to load Apache server, PHP and MySQL on before hand! They have to go on in a specific order to work correctly and I can never remember…