Cine Films

A list and description of the cine films converted to digital format. Hopefully will try and get them in chronological order and a link to the film. Dates and details are approximate, anyone wanting to add details etc let me know. You can right click the link and choose Save Link As to download the clip.

  1. 1967 – 1968 5 inch Film 5 – 1.7Gb – Gayna and Mum in the garden at no. 10 with dog (?) Grandad Fred, Barry, No. 10 & tortoise, Terry and stock car racing, Uncle Tommy and Francis Greenhough (Mush) and boat, Peter the spaniel puppy, Gayna and Nan and Grandad Rimmer, Grandad Fred and Jenny in green mini van, Gayna on the beach in Newquay with Mum and Dad, boating lake, Dad in the sea

  2. 1968 – 1969 5 inch Film 1 – 1.6Gb – Mum, Dad and Gayna on Newquay beach, Gayna in the garden at no10 with Peter and Socks, Dad and ? honey or maggots, Mr and Mrs Trevelyan from Cornwall, Mum and Gayna, Nana Jenny and Grandad Fred, Gwyneth and Barry and Yvonne’s Christening, a Zoo with Nana Edith, Dad, Mum and Gayna, Back garden swing, Shobdon Primary School, Gayna and Yvonne at Winterburn Street and Cliff Castle with Fred and Barry, Shooting with Faulkners, Gayna on a horse at Green Elms with Great Granded Fred and Rose, Borth with Gayna, Mum, Rene and Terry, Geoff and Jean’s wedding, with Rees, Edie, Great Grandad Tom and Great Nana Rimmer, Uncle John Williams, Mr and Mrs Miles, Roger Rimmer, Jackie and Melanie.

  3. 1968 Shobdon School – 251Mb – The indicidual clip of Shobdon Primary School, slowed down ease of identification.

  4. 1970 – 1971 5 inch Film 2 – 863Mb – Gareth’s christening, Ted Faulkner, John Kingdon and family, Rene and Terry Holden and family, Gayna, Mum, Gareth, Nana Jenny, Grandad Fred, Torvale (?) football match, Gayna and Yvonne, Aunty Gillian and Uncle John Hodgson’s wedding, Cliff Castle with Grandad Fred, Gayna and Yvonne (?), Mum and Gareth and Gayna in the snow at no. 10, Gayna and Gareth on a horse, Gareth and Peter in the back garden plus other dog.

  5. 1970 – 1971 5 inch Film 4 – 1.7Gb – Gayna and Gareth, Shooting with Faulkners, Gareth in the garden at no. 10, Gayna and Cathy Richards on swing with Adam Prosser (?), Gareth and Gayna on horse with Dad and Grandad Rees with Mum, Gareth and Gayna in garden and pool, NSRA Shooting at Bromyard (?), Bristol Zoo (?), Gareth, Gayna and Adam(?) in garden, Newquay holiday, boating and beach and miniature train and animal park.

  6. 1972 – 1973 5 inch Film 3 – 658Mb – Gayna and Gareth on a horse, Gayna, Gareth, Huw, Dad, Yvonne, Martin and Angela at Winterburn Street, Gareth and Huw in the garden at no. 10, Newquay holiday, animal park and seaside.

  7. 1973 Seaside and Horses – 350Mb – Newquay beach, Gayna at gymkhana with Geoff and Rees, Flamingoes at animal park and miniature village Cotswalds?

  8. 1974 Seaside and Birthday Cake – 257Mb – Gareth and Huw at Winterburn Street, outside no. 10 building the garage, Newquay beach, Guy Fawkes birthday cake!

  9. 1975 (?) Puppies and Beach – 307Mb – Dogs Peter and Toby with Gareth, Gayna, Gareth, Huw Mum and Dad at Newquay beach in Dinghy, boating lake, beach.

  10. 1975 Seaside 1 – 385Mb – Newquay beach with Gayna, Gareth, Huw, Yvonne and Martin, Mum, Gwyneth, Borth, garden at no. 10, more Newquay.

  11. 1976Bisley Bikes and Bangs – 295Mb – Helen and Doug Mills at Bisley, shooting range, Speedway, bonfire at Keighley (?)

  12. 1977 Eardisland Fun Day Slow – 207Mb – A slowed down version of the short Fun Day at Eardisland playing fields for the celebration of the Queen’s Silver Jubilee in 1977 including games and fancy dress. Loads of local faces.

  13. 1977 Eardisland Raft Race – 445Mb – Gareth, Huw, Grandad Fred, Gayna, Sally Gittoes and Cathy Richards on the bridge overlooking the raft race from the ford to the Eardisland village bridge, lots of different people, then tug of war over the ford and caravan park, then it’s a knockout relay with Gayna and Cathy and Melanie.

  14. 1977 Snoopy and Safari Park – 372Mb – Glazed building, film premier, puppy Snoopy with Peter, Grandad Fred and speedway, Nana Jenny in Winterburn Street, Gayna, Cathy, Melanie and Christine Weir (?) sponsored dog walk?, number 10, Safari park.

  15. 1977 – 1978 Fishing Building Wedding – 316Mb – Gareth and Huw fishing, Dad on a building site, Roger and Jeanette Rimmer’s wedding, Uncle Geoff William’s Best Man, Melanie bridesmaid, Paul and Joan and Tommy and Rees, Gayna, Gareth and Huw and Mum, Alison, Fred and Daisy, Geoff, Jean and Helen Williams.

  16. 1978 (?) More Weddings – 366Mb – Gareth and Dad on a fishing boat, Sid and Sandra Owen’s wedding, Pauline number 10 leaving for Gillian Morgan’s wedding.

  17. 1978 Hampton Court and Go Karts – 311Mb – Gareth, Huw, Mum and Dad and Brian Morris at Hampton Court, Speedway, Dad and Gareth on Go Karts.

  18. 1979 (?) London Zoo and Heathrow – 372Mb – London Zoo and possibly Guy the Gorilla, Heathrow Airport from the car park.

  19. 1979 Shooting and Snoopy – 371Mb – Shooting at Bromyard (?), Doug Mills, Bisley, Mum, Helen, Doug, Snoopy, Gareth, Huw.

  20. (No Date) Tanks – 61Mb – Armoured tanks on a firing range.

Converted VHS Tapes:

2004 Thailand – 6.2Gb – Mum, Dad, Ted and Rose, Ted’s Film, on holiday in Thailand in 2004 with sound!