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PicBod 2014 Week 3

I knew after week one that I would be concentrating on myself as a geographical study and a cathartic study of myself in relation to my own feelings of abjectivism that I sometimes attach to the outside world. Continue reading

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PicBod 2014 Week 2

Creative Workshop 2: The View from Inside To photograph from the inside. Photograph as Nan Goldin says ‘Your Tribe’. Study someone you are close to and make images with them of an intimate nature. Bear in mind your own vulnerabilities … Continue reading

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PicBod 2014 Week 1

To say I got a little confused between the assignments and the class workshop working with natural light is an understatement, which ended up by me presenting my view of me with artificial light as the Additional Task, when in fact it is the Self Portrait. Continue reading

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Photographing London

Just had a fantastic weekend in London doing a street photography workshop with Nick Turpin ( Haven’t had chance to do any editing yet but looking forward to that and learning WordPress when I get home!

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Matti Black and White

MattiBlackandWhite, originally uploaded by littlehuw. love this

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