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  • The Hungry Wanderer

    My evening meal today consists of a packet of TUC biscuits and a chocolate Swiss roll…

  • Four Shades of Pain

    Four Shades of Pain

    The very nice lady who spoke English at the garage came out and I explained that whilst it was at a garage, could they please look at my blinkers. I was trying to explain that after tomorrow, there were no limitations on time, so if it took three to four days or even til next…

  • From Verona to Venice with a Million Mosquitos

    From Verona to Venice with a Million Mosquitos

    the sat-nav took us the quickest way there – down a tractor lane for 12km! All along the roadside, still single track with occasional tufts of grass in the middle, were big, round, bales of hay that had either fallen off the tractor or had been placed to feed the dinosaurs, hidden from sight in…

  • Italy at Last!

    Italy at Last!

    Mr Internet played silly buggers with my Germany/Swiss/Italian post and lost it, so I am going to bring this post up to present day a lot swifter than my usual posts.

  • Drama in Degernau

    As we came near on to our settlement for the next couple of nights, we grew wary as our guidebook informed us that this was a new listing for 2013. After seeing what some glorified tarmacced dumps (family reading) had passed year on year and this was not in a high tourist-tread area, we waited…