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  • Italy at Last!

    Italy at Last!

    Mr Internet played silly buggers with my Germany/Swiss/Italian post and lost it, so I am going to bring this post up to present day a lot swifter than my usual posts.

  • Drama in Degernau

    As we came near on to our settlement for the next couple of nights, we grew wary as our guidebook informed us that this was a new listing for 2013. After seeing what some glorified tarmacced dumps (family reading) had passed year on year and this was not in a high tourist-tread area, we waited…

  • Freezing in Freiberg

    Freezing in Freiberg

    As we had got used to, the rain beat a steady tune on the roof to send us to sleep, only the following morning we woke to find a brown puddle on the kitchen worktop… Caravaggio has taken an absolute beating from the weather so far on this journey, yet still she is holding out…

  • A Very Reflective Experience

    A Very Reflective Experience

    We are not religious, but after e everything today and so many Jesus’ on the side of the road, you have to wonder if that is going to change before we return home…

  • Erectile Dysfunction

    Erectile Dysfunction

    Friday greeted us with a hopeful air. We had formulated a plan to aid our incursion into the Black Forest by searching out a motor home dealer/shop/rental place to buy a book on Stellplatz in the region. We had written down a list of desirable needs now that we had lived in Caravaggio for a…