Month: December 2012

  • Electrickerie

    Installing the upgraded leisure batteries over the weekend. I say leisure batteries, as being in the motorhome in Europe, they are a lot more relaxed in free camping, or stopping in lay-bys, than we are in the UK. To that end, and not wanting to spend all my time in a big campsite hooked up to electric, I am going solar for the main time and rigging in 2 x 120 ha batteries to give me 240 ha of off-grid time. I am putting 2 x 100 Watt solar cells on the roof which should recharge me 60ha a day (they will come in a later post), so as long as I have an eye on what I am using I will be fine! Backing this up with a 1000W inverter for laptop etc, and LED lighting where I can. And so for those who I haven’t bored to death already, the whys and wherefors are below:

  • Caravaggio as it is affectionately known!

    So this is it, this will be my home for four months in the summer of 2013! I know it looks a little old, but it was within my price range, has had a fair amount of work done on the body to maintain its dryness and it has only done 57,000 miles! The inside […]

  • Italia 2013

    So, from the 1st April 2013 I am going to be made redundant from my post as centre manager for a local branch of a national charity. Forever theĀ optimist, I am taking the chance to do a 4 month sabbatical trip to Italy and photograph the country I have always yearned to visit. I am […]