Caravaggio as it is affectionately known!

So this is it, this will be my home for four months in the summer of 2013!
I know it looks a little old, but it was within my price range, has had a fair amount of work done on the body to maintain its dryness and it has only done 57,000 miles!

The inside looks a little dated but that is purely cosmetic and we can give that a make over. Some of the fixtures and fittings can be updated (particularly the lights) and more cost effective/low power consumption added. Going to install solar cells to charge a couple of leisure batteries so that I am independent as much  as possible and can live ‘off-grid’ as they say!

I will add what I can with as much info as I can as the days draw on, included what I have put in and why and where from! Hope I don’t get too boring!

Keep on trucking!!

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