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Freezing in Freiberg


As we had got used to, the rain beat a steady tune on the roof to send us to sleep, only the following morning we woke to find a brown puddle on the kitchen worktop… Caravaggio has taken an absolute beating from the weather so far on this journey, yet still she is holding out where she can… Continue reading

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A Very Reflective Experience


We are not religious, but after e everything today and so many Jesus’ on the side of the road, you have to wonder if that is going to change before we return home… Continue reading

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Erectile Dysfunction


Friday greeted us with a hopeful air. We had formulated a plan to aid our incursion into the Black Forest by searching out a motor home dealer/shop/rental place to buy a book on Stellplatz in the region. We had written down a list of desirable needs now that we had lived in Caravaggio for a couple of weeks, not least of detailed items being the cap for the poop disposal cassette. Continue reading

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Mad Dogs and Englishmen…


Seemingly don’t function before 12pm, spend half the day (or what’s left of it according to early risers) wandering around trying to find free WiFi and the other half locating decent places to poop! Continue reading

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Of Courtesans and Queens


Finally installed in a fenced off piece of Amsterdam, we knew we wouldn’t want to miss the colourful side of her nightlife, so we took the opportunity of having a lie in and waited for the rain to pass.

We set off in a drizzle to find the ferry and happened upon a Halfords on the way, just the place to replace the cigarette lighter that had to be removed from the dashboard for blowing its fuses Continue reading

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