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  • Caravaggio up for sale!!!

    Caravaggio up for sale!!!

    Have to be realistic now home and under responsibilities… Have a look-see and please pass on to whomsoever may be interested thanks. Am going to be doing a reflective post about the last few months soon too, so keep watching http://littlehuw.com/highwayman.html

  • Four Shades of Pain

    Four Shades of Pain

    The very nice lady who spoke English at the garage came out and I explained that whilst it was at a garage, could they please look at my blinkers. I was trying to explain that after tomorrow, there were no limitations on time, so if it took three to four days or even til next…

  • Like Destiny

    So finally managed to get some free internet and go through some of the few hundred photos I’ve taken so far and upload a selection to Flickr.

  • Italy at Last!

    Italy at Last!

    Mr Internet played silly buggers with my Germany/Swiss/Italian post and lost it, so I am going to bring this post up to present day a lot swifter than my usual posts.

  • Drama in Degernau

    As we came near on to our settlement for the next couple of nights, we grew wary as our guidebook informed us that this was a new listing for 2013. After seeing what some glorified tarmacced dumps (family reading) had passed year on year and this was not in a high tourist-tread area, we waited…