Just returned from the LGBT Health Summit 2010

Have just returned from a two day conference on LGBT health in the NHS. To me it was kind of dominated by trans issues, which was good on the most part but kind of preaching to the converted as I would say the majority of the people in the audience were LGBT. I think there were too many people telling and not enough people listening. Which incedently was very hard to do in workshops an hour and a half long. I am sure that some of the speakers could see me glaze over at times!! A good emphasis on mental health issues which are always overlooked, but that was coupled with baited breath when thinking about how the NHS is going to be reformed over the next couple of years and how we are all going to be fighting for money again. Also with the change of commisioners of services, we are all going to have to almost start from the beginning again with getting the info on service needs out there.

Credit LGBT health for the image. Click the link for more info.

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