New Year Blues

Hmmm, struggling to find stuff to write about. Just finished one course and half way through another one which seems to be taking up most of my spare time at the mo, that and procrastinating.

One thing that did annoy me today was seeing Mr John Barrowman cashing in on his gayness again, as per usual.

What annoys me most about this man is that the year before he got the part as Captain Jack in Dr Who, and hence before Torchwood, he was trying to make it in L.A. and did a magazine interview (this used to be on his website but funnily enough it is no longer there?!) and in the interview he was asked if he was dating. His comment was that he wasn’t and was living with his folks and didn’t have time to go on dates. Then what happens. He gets a role as a bisexual, comes out as gay and marries his partner of 13 years and then minces all over television.
Way to go John.

And now look at it done properly (note the hand movements!!)


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