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  • Four Shades of Pain

    Four Shades of Pain

    The very nice lady who spoke English at the garage came out and I explained that whilst it was at a garage, could they please look at my blinkers. I was trying to explain that after tomorrow, there were no limitations on time, so if it took three to four days or even til next…

  • Like Destiny

    So finally managed to get some free internet and go through some of the few hundred photos I’ve taken so far and upload a selection to Flickr.

  • Erectile Dysfunction

    Erectile Dysfunction

    Friday greeted us with a hopeful air. We had formulated a plan to aid our incursion into the Black Forest by searching out a motor home dealer/shop/rental place to buy a book on Stellplatz in the region. We had written down a list of desirable needs now that we had lived in Caravaggio for a…

  • Our Hero

    Our Hero

    The drama that was Belgium continues into Holland, whilst leaving Germany dumbfounded…

  • Double Dutch

    Double Dutch

    Well, all good plans and all that! We headed for Dover as planned, all going well so we stopped off for a coffee at Stanstead services. Having a wee break, we discovered that we were now starting our journey a little lighter – the bathroom skylight had decided to eject somewhere down the M11 in…