Like Destiny

DestinySo finally managed to get some free internet and go through some of the few
hundred photos I’ve taken so far and upload a selection to Flickr.

Loved this photo so much I asked Matti to add something philosophical on to it and this is our collaboration. It reminds me of the struggles that we have had to get to where we are, what with all the goings on with the camper and the weather and near death experiences.

This was taken at Bellaggio, at the tip of the internal ^ bit.

We are now in Vicenza, under blue sky and in temperatures mid to late 20s.
Vicenza is quite an industrial town and famous for it’s architecture I

We are going to use the day tomorrow to go in search of a new flasher relay
(yes it’s gone again, but a more up to date and accessible version has been
installed) and some form of 12v fan to act as an air conditioning unit! Then
hopefully to the coast, all being well. Then Venice at the weekend!

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