First Attempt at HDR and first attempt at blogging!

First Attempt at HDR, originally uploaded by littlehuw.

Hello and welcome if you are just coming to this. Can’t gaurantee the spelling or the grammar but feel free to sit back and have a gander at my life. Currently I am a centre manager for a national sexual health charity, a youth worker for LGBT young people, an outreach worker that deals with condoms on a daily basis. I also like photography and have a degree in community theatre along with a history in the hospitality trade.
I am trying to not be self censoring, which is why I have set this as an adult content site. There may be times when I swear, post a photo that may contain nudity or pubic lice and I will talk about sex, gender, gays and photography all mixed up nicely.
So this is my first post and my first attempt at editing a High Definition Range image. I don’t think it is correct to HDR editing but I like it. And I like the photo!
Happy reading!

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